Grants Overview

AAACF awards grants through several competitive grant programs each year, with applications submitted through our online grants portal. Each of these grant programs have different deadlines, priorities and application criteria, as outlined below.

Additional information for each program will be available through the Request for Proposals (RFP) when the grant program is open. For active RFPs, please click on the "Open" link below under Status. 

Grant Program  Overview Cycle Launch  Status Contact
Community Grantmaking
  • Invests funds in community-based projects that support relief and recovery efforts related to COVID-19 and/or
  • Invest funds in programs that work to bring equity/resources to marginalized communities
TBD Closed

Amina Iqbal

Chris Lemon

Cultural Economic Development
  • Invest funds in new or existing programs that serve communities through arts and culture leading to economic recovery and growth
Closed Amina Iqbal
EmpowerMENt Fund
  • Invest funds in new or existing programs that serve communities through arts and culture leading to economic recovery and growth
Ongoing Amina Iqbal
Bach Fund for Seniors
  • Supports local nonprofit organizations and programs that improve the quality of life for seniors
January 2021 Closed Chris Lemon
Ypsilanti Area Community Fund
  • Invest in new or existing programs that will support COVID-19 recovery efforts in Ypsilanti and Ypsilanti Township
Directed Open Amina Iqbal
Youth Council
  • Programs that serve area youth between the ages of 5-18
  • Particularly youth-initiated or involve youth in decision-making
  • Priorities determined by needs assessment every three years
January 2021 Closed Maryellen Ferro
Dedicated Grants 
  • Various topics; review NonProfit Portal details for more information
TBD Closed Chris Lemon
Coordinated Funding
  • Supports health and human services in Washtenaw County
Check website Jillian Rosen
AAPS Education Fund
  • Supports Ann Arbor Public Schools' classroom projects that enhance and enrich the learning experience and provide the skills and proficiency required for employment and further education for all students 
TBD Closed Chris Lemon
Glacier Hills Legacy Fund
  • Programs and services supporting vulnerable older adults in Washtenaw County
Ongoing Closed Chris Lemon

Note: The James A. and Faith Knight Foundation also accepts grant applications through AAACF’s NonProfit Portal, and applicants must register here. Grant decisions for the James A. and Faith Knight Foundation are made independently from AAACF.  All questions on the Knight Foundation’s funding should be directed to

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