Why A Community Foundation?

Community foundations help build and strengthen community, bringing together people and organizations that want to make a difference. We are a tax-exempt public charity, for ever dedicated to making Washtenaw County a better place for all. No matter which part of Washtenaw County you are from, AAACF works for your community.

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Five Reasons to Partner With AAACF

Donors like you give many reasons to partner with us—but here’s the top five:

  1. Local Expertise - With deep roots in our local community, we have a broad understanding of local needs and where there are opportunities to invest in innovative solutions that create lasting change.
  2. Trust & Accountability - We provide wise stewardship of the gifts entrusted to us, through professional investment management, and in the strategic grants we make for Washtenaw County. We are held to high standards by our donors, Board, and community to both ensure the perpetuity of funds and to maximize the impact from them.
  3. Personalized & Flexible Service - Whether you have an exact plan, a general idea, or are just looking getting started, we are here to help fulfill your philanthropic goals and provide you with resources and connections along the way. We are available to talk in-person, online, through email, or by phone.
  4. Magnifying Your Impact - We work closely with community leaders, nonprofits, businesses, and other funders so your gift can be magnified for greatest impact.
  5. Power of Endowment - Professional investment management ensures that our charitable funds will continue to grow and be available to invest in new ideas that respond to our community's needs—no matter what the future may bring. - What is an Endowment? We think Endowments are like Apple Trees.