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Prioritizing Community

June 2024

AAACF at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Thank you to everyone who attended our final 60th Anniversary Event at the A2 Summer Festival. We enjoyed live music and delicious food while celebrating together.

Areas of Impact

Making Meaningful Change

We help you make a meaningful impact in the areas you are passionate about. Whether your philanthropic goals are centered around a specific community, such as Ypsilanti or Dexter, or you want to address a certain need throughout our county, such as aging justice or racial equity, we are here to be your partner in making that impact happen in our community.

Stay in the Loop

Getting Involved

Whether you have long been a long-time participant in AAACF programs and initiatives or if you are just looking for ways to get more involved in your community, there are always many different and dynamic ways for us to work together. Read the full story for the 5 ways to get started.

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