July 01, 2022

Whether you have long been a long-time participant in AAACF programs and initiatives or if you are just looking for ways to get more involved in your community, there are always many different and dynamic ways for us to work together.

Here are 5 ways to get started:

  1. Follow us on social media
    Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn? If so, you can follow us to easily stay informed about not only what’s going on at the AAACF and around Washtenaw County, including special events and news, but also learn about our partners (for example on Mission Mondays we share links highlighting organizations who have received grants) as well as news and trends in philanthropy.

    When you like, share or comment on our posts, you are showing your support for these efforts and initiatives and participating in our lively community. In the coming months, we are eager to create a more interactive social media presence and build a strong sense of online community. But we can’t do that without participation from our neighbors from all over Washtenaw County.

  2. Subscribe to our newsletter
    Not a social media person? When you subscribe to the AAACF newsletter, you can have news from our organization conveniently delivered to your email inbox. These newsletters only come out about once every other month so you don’t have to worry about bombardment of email – just expect valuable highlights and information about events and activities you’ll want to know about.

    If you are already a subscriber and have thoughts or feedback, we’re eager to hear from you. Special features you’d like to see? Let us know how our newsletter can better serve as a valuable resource for you. Just send a message to info@aaacf.org.

  3. Apply for a grant or scholarship
    Two of the things that make us so proud to live in and serve this community are the prioritization of education and innovation. As your community foundation, we share these values and strive to make it easier for you to achieve your goals, whether it’s pursuing a college degree, or implementing an idea or initiative to support a need among our neighbors

    Our scholarships are personal – created with funds from community members for community members. Thousands of dollars are available for local students who may have played sports or plan to pursue a field such as nursing or the arts. Learn more about applying for funds to support post-secondary education.

    Likewise, AAACF grant programs are part of our “give where you live” philosophy and are designed to support efforts in three distinct areas: Rewarding Success; Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector; and Encouraging Innovation.

  4. Attend one of our events
    One of the most effective and engaging ways to build a strong community is meeting in person whenever possible. Throughout the year, our team is organizing, hosting or participating in events that bring us closer to our neighbors throughout the county, and give you the opportunity to get to know us better.

    When you follow our social media accounts or subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll always be aware of upcoming opportunities, whether it’s attending a lunch and learn event in our office or an informal happy hour to introduce yourself to the folks at AAACF. We’re here for you!

    Subscribe now for event updates or sign up for announcements to attend AAACF’s Professional Advisor Lunch & Lunch sessions (or watch recordings of previous sessions).

  5. Make a contribution
    Of course, none of the work we do with our community partners is possible without funding. We accept a variety of gifts, including cash/check, appreciated securities, mutual funds, real estate and personal property, or other assets. Our secure online portal can help you make a gift online. You can also leave a legacy through a gift from your will or estate.

    Other options include designating AAACF as a beneficiary of life insurance, establishing an income stream for you and your loved ones through a Charitable Gift Annuity, transferring assets from a private foundation, or making an IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution.

    Give online or contact our philanthropy service leaders, Karen and Patrick, to learn more.