January 04, 2023

This program is currently closed. More details will be added about the opportunity and requirements to apply when it is reopened.

The Youth Council grant program supports programs that serve local youth between the ages of 5-18, particularly with youth-initiated or involve youth in decision-making. Addition priorities are determined the 2020 needs assessment:

  • Mental Health Initiatives – Programs and projects which address depression, anxiety, self-harm, and body image.
  • Academic Support Services – Programs and projects doing work to ensure all high school students have equal opportunity for success. Including tutoring, mentoring, or other supports to address educational equity in high school.
  • Post HS Preparation – Programs and projects that help to prepare high school students for life post-graduation. Including job training, college preparation, financial literacy, and employment.
  • Anti Discrimination Education & Awareness – Programs and projects focusing on racism and LGBTQIA+ services

Priority will be given to organizations/projects which fit into one of the funding priorities above AND demonstrate a commitment to providing stipends for participation, offering sliding scale/reduced cost participation, assisting with transportation to and from programming, and honoring youth voice and perspective.

In addition to programs addressing the needs above, the Youth Council oversees the James & Clarice Foster Fund which supports the work of the Juvenile Division of the Probate Court and the Children with Disabilities Fund. Grants for these two funds are awarded to programs which serve youth ages 5-18.

Needs Assessments

The original W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant that established AAACF’s Youth Council in 1989 requires that Youth Council conduct a needs assessment every three years to identify the concerns and needs of our community's youth. The purpose of the assessment is to gain a better and deeper understanding of the issues that are of greatest concern to young people in our community and to give real and credible voice to the population that Youth Council is trying to serve.

The last assessment was completed in the fall of 2020 with 1162 students responding to the survey over a period of 15 days. We invite you to read the full Needs Assessment Report for additional information and details. Given the impact that COVID-19 has had on the community questions about how it has affected youth were added to the survey. Data from the Needs Assessment confirms that COVID -19 has not significantly changed the issues facing young people today, but has brought to the surface and exacerbated those that were already present.