Philanthropic Advisor, Philanthropic Services

Karen Shellie

Following a career spanning more than 18 years as a leader in marketing and communications in the corporate world, Karen transitioned to the nonprofit sector, specifically fund development. Over the past 11 years Karen collaborated with local corporations, community groups, philanthropic individuals, all with the same goal – to create a stronger community.

Karen is passionate about education and fundraising for accessible housing for low-income families creating a stable environment future generations; advocating and fundraising for adult literacy programs to help empower adults with the power of the written word; advocating and fundraising for first generation college students in higher education; education, advocating, and fundraising for older adults and caregivers in our community to provide programs promoting empowered aging and support for those struggling as caregivers.

The work at AAACF is a unique opportunity to help fill the void for programs that uplift and sustain several key areas in our Washtenaw County community. She enjoys learning about people from all walks of life and loves to match philanthropic people with mission focused work to create impact.

Karen moved to Ypsilanti Township 22 years ago with her husband, David. They have three fun loving Basenjis (African barkless dog) that she enjoys walking in parks around Ypsilanti Township.

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