August 01, 2018

In August 2018, AAACF launched the Stern Legacy Challenge Nonprofit Endowment Match, which matched new gifts to existing nonprofit endowment funds held at AAACF at 50% up to $50,000 per nonprofit. In just 5 months, 145 donors and 50 nonprofit organizations raised $1 million for permanent endowment funds—augmented by an additional $500,000 in matching dollars!

Stern Legacy Challenge Nonprofit Match

This opportunity was created to incentivize others in the community to follow Helmut Stern's example of philanthropy and broad community impact. Matching current new gifts for nonprofit endowments enhanced these fund balances, encouraging annual distributions for a nonprofit’s fund to be greater now and in the future—thus honoring Helmut’s intentions for strengthening the local nonprofit sector.

We often think about funding for nonprofits in three categories: Annual Giving, Reserve Fund, and Nonprofit Endowment. By supporting a nonprofit endowment, you're helping them plan and save for the organization's long-term future, just like a retirement fund. Explore our nonprofit endowment funds at AAACF through our fund directory.

Nonprofit funding sources - annual giving, reserves, and endowment