April 15, 2021

The EmpowerMENt Fund, seeded with $1M by an anonymous donor, supports efforts that uplift young Black males in Washtenaw County while promoting their educational success. The EmpowerMENt Fund recently made grants to Mentor2Youth and Washtenaw My Brother's Keeper (WMBK):

  • Mentor2Youth's Raising Royalty Program sees today's growing minds as royal minds that have the capacity to make greater strides than their preceding counterparts.
  • The Boy's Group program of WMBK is a gathering of middle school boys who meet weekly. Now operating virtually with multiple school programs, a goal of the middle school collaborative is to help students get ready for high school.

AAACF also helped support the powerful Formula 734 Documentary, which WMBK premiered recently through AAACF. WMBK hopes to screen the documentary widely across the community, including schools. Learn more about the documentary in this educational trailer.