October 01, 2021

The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation enriches the life quality of life in Washtenaw County by serving as a hub to help individual people, families, organizations, and other groups accomplish their philanthropic goals.

We do so by building endowment funds through large and small contributions. This means your donations are permanently invested to produce income, which is then used to meet our community’s needs, as determined by you and other partners. We provide flexible, efficient, and tax-effective ways to ensure your giving achieves the greatest possible impact – now and forever.

Because we offer customizable giving options, you can accomplish multiple charitable goals with a single gift to the AAACF. We will work with you to determine how best to fulfill your philanthropic goals, while minimizing the administrative burden. Together, we can work to further your donation and create a lasting impact on Washtenaw County when you Give Where You Live.

Our Values

AAACF Core Value Tree

Our Services

  • Meeting Charitable Goals: We work with donors and their professional advisors to help them meet their charitable goals. The combination of donors’ resources and philanthropic intentions with our financial expertise creates meaningful, lasting impact in our community.
  • Building Healthy Endowments: Our Board of Trustees, Finance & Investment Committee, and professional investment consultants work to protect our endowed funds to ensure their long-term growth, stability, and permanence.
  • Leading Positive Change: Through hard work, research, and an array of community partnerships, we craft grant and scholarship programs that maximize the positive impact of our community’s resources.

Our Mission

The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation enriches the quality of life in our region through its knowledgeable leadership, engaged grantmaking, and creative partnerships with donors to make philanthropic investments and build endowments.

Giving through AAACF is easy. We're here to be your partner in strategic philanthropy and in making a impact on your community.