October 14, 2020

Early in the year, AAACF Board and Staff began planning for the creation of new core values for AAACF (existing values were approved in 2003) connected to embarking upon a new five-year strategic plan (our current strategic framework runs through December 2020). The pandemic actually intensified our pursuit of these endeavors, as we feel an even greater sense of responsibility to our community and to examine our work in context of a changed society.

With the assistance of independent consultants, all 17 Board members and 14 staff members participated in a comprehensive approach to defining new core values for AAACF that will become not just words on paper but will inform every aspect of our work going forward. These Core Values center around Prioritizing Community and include Pursuing Equity, Earning Trust, Leveraging Knowledge, Embracing Collaboration. These values are defined and illustrated in this one-page document.