May 01, 2020

We recognize that this report is being released during an incredibly challenging time and that many people and organizations in Washtenaw County are facing dire economic hardships. AAACF has been sharing news of granting more than $1 million in response to the pandemic to provide a source of hope to all in our community. In this same spirit of hope—and in the comfort many of us now find in familiar traditions and activities, we share our 2019 Annual Report.

The Annual Report is intended as a snapshot of our work, which includes our financial position through the 2019 year (our 990 tax forms and the independent audit report of our financial statements are also posted on our website). Again, in the spirit of encouragement and affirmation of our strength and commitment to serve Washtenaw County during this crisis and beyond, we report that AAACF ended the 2019 year at the strongest point in our history: $147,478,204 in assets. This position of strength has enabled us to lean into the pandemic crisis despite the tumultuous conditions since the first of the year.

AAACF’s growth is an amazing testament to the investment of thousands of local residents since AAACF’s founding in 1963 and their faith in giving locally. We remain confident that we are positioned to support the community for the long term.