There’s a great sense of pride for those of us who live, learn, work, or call Ypsilanti a home for numerous other reasons. As a college town, Ypsilanti attracts people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and eclectic business, arts, restaurants and live events celebrate this diversity.

But we also recognize that this community faces numerous challenges, especially in relation to racial and socio-economic disparity, in ways that often aren’t so apparent in other parts of the county. We are proud of the special role Ypsilanti has had in the Black freedom movement, from the Underground Railroad to Black Lives Matter, and we are committed to bringing awareness and addressing the needs of everyone in this community.

Ypsilanti Area Community Fund

In response to the needs of Ypsilanti, the Ypsilanti Area Community Fund (YACF) was established as part of the AAACF in 2001. While we serve the Ypsilanti area through all of our programs and initiatives, the YACF holds a permanent endowment and proceeds from these investments are distributed as grants and scholarships to enrich the quality of life in the Ypsilanti area. Since the founding of YACF, funds dedicated to Ypsilanti have awarded more than $2 million to support local students, community projects, and nonprofits - This number continues to grow each year!

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There are numerous funds that have been established in support of the Ypsilanti community. Explore their stories and commitments to impact in our fund directory.

YACF's vision is that every family in the Ypsilanti area will thrive by gaining access to programs and services through collaborative partnerships across sectors that measurably increase health outcomes and educational attainment leading to economic well-being.

This effort helps families in the Ypsilanti area to thrive by gaining access to programs and services accessible through collaborative partnerships across business, municipal, nonprofit, healthcare, and other sectors. The goal is to measurably increase health outcomes and educational attainment leading to long-term economic well-being.

As a geographic affiliate fund of the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, YACF benefits from AAACF's professional program staff, fund management and investment expertise, under advisement of local community members who make up the YACF Advisory Committee. Along with unique perspectives and professional experience, the committee brings to the table a deep commitment to Ypsilanti’s bright future.

Help support the mission of YACF to enrich the greater Ypsilanti area and the lives of all of those that call this area home.