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Community Scholarship Program

AAACF’s Community Scholarship Program provides economically disadvantaged, youth of color, and first-generation college students with financial assistance and holistic support as they transition to college and navigate their way toward degree attainment.

Group photo of community scholarship recipients

The Community Scholarship Program was carefully designed based on research and a close partnership with Washtenaw Futures, the local college access network hosted by the Washtenaw Intermediate School District. Eastern Michigan University and Washtenaw Community College are also important partners in our efforts. Local data from Washtenaw Futures confirmed national findings that economically disadvantaged, youth of color, and first-generation college students often do not have access to the resources needed to thrive at college. In addition to the scholarship (up to $20,000 disbursed over up to 5 years), the Community Scholarship Program provides students with a College Success Coach and access to an Emergency Aid & Financial Assistance Program. The College Success Coach offers students encouragement, academic guidance, assistance accessing resources and making on campus connections, social and emotional support, and help understanding financial aid.

 "I feel like my coach is someone cheering me on and being a supporter no matter what. Because I don’t have many people in my life that have gone to college and been through those experiences, I would lean on them a lot to know what’s going on and know what the information I’m being given actually means."

-CSP 2020 Scholar

88 community scholars have been awarded $1.76 million in aid since 2016

Read our 2022 Progress Report below:

2016 Scholars

  • Andrew Besford
  • Diana Bernal-Canseco
  • Nyla Dew
  • Savannah Ellington
  • Aazhane Hearon
  • Chelsea Hollins
  • Ray’Jon Williams-Jackson
  • Keitra Osler
  • Jeffrey Williams
  • Chris Vazquez
  • Salamah Wadi

2017 Scholars

  • Aliou Bathily
  • Brooke Besford
  • Kevin Becerra
  • Cyrus Chabavi
  • Destiny Esters
  • Beatriz Esquivel
  • Mohamed Fofana
  • Tracy Markray
  • Monica Mitchenor
  • Kearria Nichols
  • Delante Ridley
  • Fatoumata Soumaoro
  • Deja Ulmer

2018 Scholars

  • Alexus Chambers
  • Bushra Habbas-Nimer
  • Kayla Hurd
  • Kristina Lewis
  • Jasmine Meads
  • Oliver Pardi
  • Tahjai Rougeau
  • Zachary West
  • KeShon Williams

2019 Scholars

  • Dana Almahaweelee
  • Saira Alvarez Gomez
  • Nia Buchanan
  • Macka Conde
  • Pablo Garcia Acuna
  • Zayn Hussain
  • Kelise Johnson
  • Assane Ka
  • Dery'l Lucas
  • Andrew McKenzie
  • Iyana Morgan
  • Emily Olds
  • Davion Pipkins
  • Sadre'a Rougeau
  • Tamara Terraza
  • Jamie Villalobos
  • Emerson Wilson

2020 Scholars

  • Paulina Bernal Canseco
  • Megan Clark
  • Tamariah Davis
  • Frieda Fagbedji
  • Jenae Gonzalez
  • Jahi Hawkins
  • Aidon Jenson
  • D'Marcus Jones
  • Ghina Nimer
  • Chinweoke Nweze
  • Jawann Odumodu
  • Nya Pernell

2021 Scholars

  • Aaron Andrews
  • Blessing Batalonga
  • Tamara Emerson
  • Chala House
  • Jack Lyons
  • Laura Mosier
  • Alexander Perry
  • LaNya Hood
  • Jupiter Ryles
  • Premel Singleton
  • Kylah Turner

2022 Scholars

  • Ruba Agour
  • Andre Jenkins
  • Aegan Safa Blanc
  • Makayla Frazier
  • Jayon Gregory
  • Destiny Hall
  • Trinity Highgate
  • Darielle Hudson-Owens
  • Cheyenne James
  • Breanna Jean Paul
  • Aminata Kaba
  • Fareeda Osman
  • Dorothy Simon
  • Dante Swanigan
  • Kamiya Wilson

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