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Consider AAACF your partner. Discussing charitable giving with your clients can benefit both your business and our community. We’re here to make that easy for you. 

With tools, resources, and personalized conversations with staff members, AAACF can help you support your clients in making strategic philanthropic decisions. Our guide to charitable giving conversations with clients can help you throughout, as well.

We can engage in ways that fit with you and your clients. You can make a direct referral to us, or we can work with both you and your client to find a philanthropic solution that will best serve their needs. Just have a question? Give us a call. We’re happy to help!

AAACF has the expertise to accept a variety of assets, including the most complex. With an individual plan tailored to your clients needs, we can help address any tax or gift issues. We also offer Charitable Gift Annuities to benefit local nonprofits, creating long-term, stable income for your client while making an impact on their community.

For further details on how we operate, see AAACF's Bylaws.

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