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Office Operations Manager & Assistant to the CEO


The Office Operations Manager & Assistant to the CEO (a full-time role) drives forward the foundation’s internal operations and ensures that they are effective, coordinated, efficient, and responsive. This role also helps maximize the CEO’s productivity. The Office Operations Manager & Assistant to the CEO will be empowered to run AAACF’s internal operations, coordinate cross-departmental projects, and take full responsibility for achieving operational excellence. This position should adopt a positive, “servant leader” mindset that embraces administrative tasks and CEO support as important means for helping the foundation achieve its charitable mission. The Office Operations Manager & Assistant to the CEO will be tasked with developing an “internal administrative services” culture and customer service mindset within the foundation so that the organization’s other teams can rely on the Office Operations Manager & Assistant to the CEO and the Administrative Assistant to proactively and enthusiastically help them achieve their goals, coordinate among departments, and to provide optimal service to external constituents as well.

Reporting Relationships

The Office Operations Manager & Assistant to the CEO will supervise a full-time Administrative Assistant, report to the CEO and provide active support to the other functional teams within AAACF (Finance, Community Investment and Philanthropy).


The salary range for this position is $60,000 - $75,000 and an offer will be based on a candidate’s relevant qualifications and experience.


This role involves an active combination of direct, hands-on daily work; management of a direct report, outside vendors, and office function and operations; coordination of AAACF program implementation, projects and meetings; and collaboration with and support for the CEO, the Board of Trustees, and other teams. It will ultimately be in the Office Operations Manager & Assistant to the CEO’s discretion how the following duties are divided between this role and the Administrative Assistant.

Supervision and Backup

  • Supervises and directs an Administrative Assistant who greets visitors and handles much of the foundation’s daily administrative transactions (including gift processing, accounts payable entry, accounts receivable entry, data entry, mail handling, filing, etc.)
  • Ensures that the Administrative Assistant’s functions are performed daily even when that person is not in the office through hands-on backup


  • Ensures that staff has the administrative support it needs to be successful, including active project coordination of initiatives that involve multiple departments
  • Designs, schedules, coordinates and efficiently runs staff meetings
  • Ensures that all relevant information is received in advance of key team meetings.
  • Ensures that the foundation’s office remains clean, classy, and functional
  • Ensures that visitors feel welcome and cared for
  • Manages all logistics (pre, during, and post) for hosted meetings
  • Ensures that the office remains open and staffed during regular business hours
  • Oversees conference room and resource utilization, assisting with prioritization and accuracy in scheduling where necessary.
  • Monitors and maintains office supply inventories and coordinates supply orders
  • Methodically analyzes processes and systems to fully understand their functions.
  • Initiates, coordinates, delegates and monitors all process documentation and improvement activities with the AAACF team. Tracks activities and accountability and schedules relevant topics for discussion, review and training in staff meetings.
  • Provides administrative and logistical support (with additional active support from the Administrative Assistant) for all AAACF committee activities (including scheduling, packet preparation, in-room set-up, and minute taking)
  • Partners with the Business Intelligence & Systems Coordinator (BISC) to manage AAACF’s physical and digital records retention policy, ensuring that office records are well-organized, protected, and available on a timely basis
  • Actively coordinates with BISC, who has primary responsibility for the foundation’s software systems, hardware systems, web services, and other technology-related assets
  • Maintains updated digital conflict of interest forms for all committee members with systems support from BISC
  • Takes lead role in preparing periodic (every three years) National Standards re-accreditation applications and ensuring annual ongoing compliance

Executive Support

  • Actively manages the CEO’s calendar, including meeting scheduling
  • Serves as the CEO’s liaison with community members
  • Vets incoming correspondence for the CEO to determine most appropriate next steps, managing as much as possible for the CEO, delegating to others where appropriate.
  • Coordinates the provision of governance support services to the CEO (with additional active support by the Administrative Assistant). Governance activities include: scheduling of the Board and the Trustee Committee meetings, meeting packet generation for those two groups, minute-taking in those groups’ meetings, planning and organization of records and activities between meetings, tracking and issuing of deliverables from meetings to the CEO and other staff, periodic updating of committee term tables using data published by BISC, coordinating with other staff on committee member on-boarding, recognition, etc.
  • Coordinates the provision of other administrative support to the CEO’s activities as needed (in conjunction with the Administrative Assistant) to optimize the CEO’s use of time.
  • Serves as liaison with other staff in prioritizing and scheduling CEO deliverables requested by other staff
  • Finalizes presentation content into AAACF PowerPoint template and ensures CEO has all necessary handouts, etc. for key presentations.

Project/Meeting/Program Coordination

  • Helps the Leadership Team (LT) prioritize AAACF projects in alignment with the strategic plan and AAACF mission. Provides an objective, logistical assessment in helping to determine what is feasible. Recommends alternate timing where necessary and maintains documentation for future prioritization/implementation.
  • Collaborates with the LT to create reasonable long- and short-term timelines for tasks leading to program implementation, event or project completion, including setting targets for milestones and helping the team adhere to deadlines.
  • Collaborates with LT to determine which employees are best positioned to complete necessary tasks on time
  • Helps identify and overcome potential resource conflicts by analyzing full calendar of events and activities.
  • Documents tasks and timelines in a project coordination tool.
  • Monitors current projects and coordinates, in concert with the LT, all team members to keep workflow on track. providing updates to LT members and alerting when adherence to timelines is slipping.
  • Leads lessons-learned debriefing after implementation or event and seek opportunities for improvement. Documents best practices and ensure that the team utilizes this knowledge moving forward.


  • Oversees AAACF facilities, coordinating maintenance and improvements to the physical structure as well as furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Serves as the foundation’s liaison to the building co-owner for matters concerning the parking lots, facility exterior, facility common space, and maintenance services provided by the co-owner to the foundation

Human Resources Support

  • Administers a range of HR activities in partnership with the CFO and Staff Accountant

This job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the Office Operations Manager & Assistant to the CEO, and it is expected that this position will handle other related activities as needed to achieve a robust administrative and customer service function within the foundation.

Experience and Education

  • At least five years of professional experience in an administrative management role
  • Project coordination experience, with formal training a plus
  • Working knowledge of project coordination tools.
  • A bachelor’s is a plus but not required in the case of applicants with highly relevant work experience


The Office Operations Manager & Assistant to the CEO must become and remain a resident of Washtenaw County within 12 months of hire.

Desired Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Attention to detail to ensure that tasks are completed on time, thoroughly and accurately
  • Strong desire for a career in the administrative management field
  • Embraces a “servant leadership” mindset and sets a positive tone in the office
  • Takes pride in providing outstanding care and service to customers and constituents
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written; has a demonstrated ability to communicate and interact assertively while maintaining a positive tone
  • Ability to organize, manage and complete a wide variety of assignments and tasks simultaneously
  • Enjoys and thrives in a fast-paced environment
  • Flexibility to adjust to new tasks should organization or office needs change
  • Strong office software skills (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • Professionalism, diplomacy, and strong judgment, including respecting confidential and sensitive data
  • Has excellent analytical and positive, problem-solving mindset, including a sense of humor and the ability to effectively navigate potentially stressful situations
  • Documentation management and ability to use project management tools.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to build strong relationships with colleagues
  • Able to give and receive positive feedback, affirmations and constructive criticism
  • Passionate about AAACF’s mission

To Apply for This Position

Please send a cover letter, resume, and answers to the three questions below to jobs@aaacf.org (no phone calls, please). You may address the cover letter to Neel Hajra (the foundation's CEO). The three questions to be answered are:

  1. What makes you an exceptional candidate for this position?
  2. Why AAACF?
  3. What Microsoft Office Programs do you know well? Describe how you've used them in your work.

The deadline for submission Friday, October 9.

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