Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Youth Council

AAACF's Youth Council provides Ann Arbor high school students with a unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference in our community - through philanthropy and community service.


Youth Council brings together a diverse group of 25 students from Ann Arbor public, private, and independent high schools who work together to:

  • Promote philanthropy and service among young people,
  • Award over $80,000 in grants each year to support local youth programs, services and projects,
  • Participate in state-wide leadership training opportunities - including a summer grantmaking conference hosted by the Council of Michigan Foundations,
  • Provide hands-on support for community service projects,
  • Give voice and perspective to issues that concern young people, and
  • Conduct a community-wide needs assessment every 3 years.

One Youth Council member serves on AAACF's Board of Trustees - with full voting privileges.

Youth Council members gain a deep understanding of our community's needs and issues related to youth, our local nonprofit sector, and how philanthropy and volunteering can make a meaningful difference in strengthening our community.

Established in the 1989-1990 academic year, more than 220 Ann Arbor high school students have served on Youth Council - overseeing more than $1.5 million in grants to support a broad range of programs  that have expanded opportunities for young people throughout our community.

"Youth Council forged an enduring recognition that active, civic engagement - sharing in the heavy lifting of building community - is an obligation, not an extracurricular activity. 

Most important, it taught all of us fortunate enough to serve that we share opportunities and responsibilities to lead lives of good, for ourselves and our communities, for ever."

                        - Jonas Kieffer, YC 1999-2001