Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation


Thanks to the generosity of our donors who care deeply about the future of Washtenaw County youth, the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation annually awards over $200,000 across 46 scholarship funds to help students continue their post secondary educations at schools throughout the nation.

The majority of these scholarships use the online Scholarship Application which allows students to submit a single application for all of the scholarships they are eligible for. The online Scholarship Application consists of the online portion (including two essays), the Scholarship Recommendation Form, and the transcript. There are ten scholarships which, in addtion to these items, also have other requirements.

The online Scholarship Application will be available the first week of January with a deadline of 5 PM on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

In addition to the scholarships which use the online Scholarship Application, AAACF also has seven scholarships which use a paper application. Deadlines for these scholarships vary and can be found on the individual scholarship fund pages.

Finally, AAACF has four scholarships that do not have an application form. These scholarships are awarded based on nominations, performance, and/or voting.

In 2016, AAACF launched the AAACF Community Scholarship Fund which awards multi-year scholarships to help increase college access and graduation rates for Washtenaw County students who are economically disadvantaged (currently or has in the past qualified for free or reduced price lunch), youth of color, and/or first generation college students.