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Dexter Community Fund

The Dexter Community Fund (DCF) offers an opportunity to support the community we love.  We hope you will join us.

The DCF is a source of community capital that will be available to support and invest in a wide range of initiatives, projects and organizations that enrich the quality of life in Dexter. As the Fund grows, it will support projects and non-profit organizations across a number of areas: arts and culture, education, the environment, youth, senior services, health and wellness, human services, and/or community improvement.

The Dexter Community Fund is also a vehicle for those interested in supporting Dexter to give back to the community. Members of the DCF’s advisory group have made personal contributions to establish the Fund, with hopes that additional contributions from local residents, businesses, community groups and anyone with roots or ties to Dexter will help grow the Fund.

Listen to a recording of Dexter Community Fund Advisory Committee members on the Lucy Ann Lance show:

DCF Fall 2016 Newsletter

The Dexter Community Fund released their Fall 2016 Newsletter this year! Read about their updates here.







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