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2020 Healthy & Fulfilling Aging Report

Growing older impacts all of us, and we can influence that process to be about healthy and fulfilling aging. We commissioned original research to explore this concept, the AAACF Washtenaw County Healthy & Fulfilling Aging Systems Research Report. We contracted with Root Cause, a national research firm specializing in community development and systems change, to learn from older adults and caregivers in Washtenaw County what matters most to those aged 55+ and potential community-driven solutions. A few highlights of the findings include:

  • By 2040, the number of Washtenaw County seniors in poverty will more than double to approximately 9,000 as the senior refugee population annually increases by nearly 3%.
  • Service accessibility, availability, and quality can differ for older adults based on geographic location, race, class, socioeconomic status, and other characteristics.
  • The most common barriers to healthy and fulfilling aging: Housing, Transportation, Social Connection, and Technology and Access to Information/Services. 
Our research has concretely identified the gaps in our community systems to support healthy and fulfilling aging. AAACF’s core value of prioritizing community compels us to invest our resources to address these gaps in Washtenaw County with priority going to:
  • Solidifying a more robust field around Healthy & Fulfilling Aging and Aging Justice 
  • Championing older adult capacity to influence systems change 
  • Shifting mindsets to prioritize aging, older adults, and systems change 
  • Advancing targeted solutions in priority aging areas, including transportation, housing, community connections, and equitable access


You can play a role in advancing justice in Washtenaw County as we work together to view older adults as community assets, value seniors as a priority, and ensure a healthy & fulfilling aging experience regardless of class, race, or gender.

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AAACF Washtenaw County Healthy & Fulfilling Aging Systems Research Report:

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FULL Healthy & Fulfilling Aging Systems Research Report.


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