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Arts and Culture Program

In response to the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had within our community, our Arts and Culture Program (previously Cultural Economic Development) has adjusted its focus to relief and recovery efforts.


The Arts and Culture Program is a strategic initiative that seeks to promote economic prosperity for our region by investing in and strengthening arts & culture nonprofits in Washtenaw County. Read more about the philosophy and approach in the "In the Neighborhood" blog.


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Arts & Economic Prosperity IV Study

Conducted in partnership with Americans for the Arts (AFTA) and The Arts Alliance, this study found that nonprofit arts & culture activities and events annually generate $100 million in economic impact for the Greater Ann Arbor Area.

The study also found that, on average, an arts & culture participant spends $27.67 in our local economy—or nearly $50 million total—above and beyond the price of attending the event.

The study validates that arts & culture organizations play a vital role in the economic health of our local community, and that promoting the sector's growth means greater economic impact.

Arts and Culture Program Strategy

Recognizing both the cultural and economic importance of the arts to our community, AAACF designed a two-part strategy to expand community support for our creative sector:

Convening community stakeholders to identify great ideas and opportunities

Many funding institutions are currently working in relative isolation around arts & culture projects. AAACF is building relationships with a diverse range of businesses, government units, individuals, nonprofits, and others to identify great ideas for economic impact by the arts & culture sector.

Collecting and sharing data on the local economic impact of arts & culture activities

AAACF fosters the collection, analysis, and dissemination of local data relating to the arts & culture sector. Economic data help nonprofits strengthen their case for support, provide a potential community dashboard to gauge overall progress over time, and help the community make data-driven decisions regarding arts & culture initiatives.

In addition to our collaboration with AFTA, we support DataArts, an online management tool designed to strengthen arts & culture organizations. The DataArts system, which is emerging as the national standard for data collection in the arts & culture sector, gathers reliable, longitudinal data on the sector.

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