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Stern Legacy for Community Impact Match

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The Legacy for Community Impact Match of the Stern Legacy Challenge is designed to encourage others to follow Helmut’s examples of planning ahead and incorporating philanthropy into estate plans, while allowing more people to engage with AAACF’s current work in the community.

AAACF has allocated $1.5 million of Helmut’s gift to match new documented planned gifts (gifts made through your will or estate, also termed legacy gifts) to benefit permanent funds of the Community Foundation at 50% of the projected gift value, up to $50,000 per donor, through a new Community Impact fund named for the donor or a donor’s loved one.

Make a legacy commitment and we match 50% to a community impact fund

Less than half of Americans even have a will, so we hope the Stern Legacy Match encourages others to make estate plans. We also know that some people can give generously through their estates but not necessarily through current giving (think of the countless stories you read of people living very modestly and leaving large gifts in their will that surprise everyone!). Through the Stern Legacy Match, we want to provide for people who might not otherwise establish a current permanent named endowment at AAACF to be given that opportunity to see the impact of philanthropy now through a named Community Impact Fund.

While we hope that donors will follow the example of Helmut Stern in making broad, unrestricted legacy gifts for maximum community impact, we will honor planned gifts to support specific funds, including nonprofit endowments, scholarships, administrative and field-of-interest funds.

Do you need an estate plan? 

Listen to Betsy Petoskey and Marie Deveney, local professional advisors, talk about the value of making plans.

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