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AAACF is issuing both Grants and Loans in response to the COVID crisis. As our nonprofits, partners, and community strive to support those in need, we are working with them to support Washtenaw County. We will continue to share more on both grant & loan efforts and wanted to provide an update on activities so far:

Grants from AAACF Funds

The Foundation has prioritized response for basic human needs, particularly in the areas of older adults and young children. Initial grants have been made to sector-level agencies in these areas, including to Food Gatherers and to the Barrier Busters program of the Office of Community & Economic Development (OCED), along with additional support for OCED’s work with vulnerable seniors. In total, more than $100,000 has already been deployed!

AAACF will be making additional operating and targeted grants across the County to address emergency needs. The Foundation also plans to convert some existing program grants into operating grants to provide nonprofits with as much flexibility as possible. Stay tuned for more information in the coming week for the guidelines by which the Foundation is making these determinations.

The Foundation has also suspended grant reporting deadlines to allow nonprofits to focus on more immediate needs, and as a sign of good faith and partnership.

Partnering with the UWWC Fund

AAACF continues to encourage all individuals that want to make a gift to support the United Way of Washtenaw County’s COVID-19 Community Relief Fund. AAACF and other funders are actively consulting with the United Way on the best uses of this important resource. In addition to the grantmaking described above, AAACF has also issued more than $100,000 collectively from its donor-advised funds to the COVID-19 Relief Fund!

Thank you to our supporters and their speedy response already, which we trust will continue. Going forward, AAACF will make additional grants to the Relief Fund from a variety of internal sources to meet the immediate needs of our community.

Ongoing Collaboration with the Nonprofit Sector

We will be issuing planned distributions this spring (and fall) from our nonprofit endowment funds. More than ever, the people and nonprofits themselves that set up these endowments as a reliable source of revenue can depend upon these ongoing distributions!

AAACF is also convening (virtually!) dozens of representatives from organizations serving the senior sector to determine how best to deploy resources and to help facilitate ongoing agency collaboration.

In this spirit of collaboration, AAACF has asked for and received nonprofit input on its new nonprofit loan program. AAACF is currently incorporating this feedback into the program and will announce the resulting program details in the coming days.

AAACF applauds all that our Washtenaw County community is doing to take care of all of its people and organizations during this crisis. We will continue to regularly update the community on our activities, and welcome your continued input and partnership as we deploy more grants and loans to serve our community.

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