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Spring 2021 Grant Awards

This spring, nearly $500,000 in support was awarded through several grant programs: YACF, COVID-19 Relief, Arts & Culture, and Community Grantmaking. Check out recent grants in the online Grant Directory.

This spring, nearly $500,000 in support was awarded through several grant programs: YACF, COVID-19 Relief, Arts & Culture, and Community Grantmaking. A list of recent grants is available in the online Grant Directory.

The Ypsilanti Area Community Fund (YACF) awarded $50,000 to six nonprofits serving children & families in the Ypsilanti area:

  • Corner Health Center
  • Youth Arts Alliance
  • Foundations Preschool
  • Community Action Network
  • Ypsilanti Evangelical Friends Church
  • Family Learning Institute

YACF and AAACF are committed to funding COVID relief & recovery through an equity lens. One example is the grant to Corner Health Center for the Family Shelter Health Assessment and Referral Program (FSHARP). FSHARP is an ongoing collaboration between the Corner and Packard Health that provides an on-site Nurse Practitioner to children and adults staying in youth and family shelters in Washtenaw County.

This year, the Community Grantmaking program, our Arts & Culture grants, and the COVID-19 Relief funding sought community-based projects that specifically support COVID-19 relief and recovery. Within that, grants were made to 1) provide resources to limit the damage and harm caused by health and economic hardships and 2) efforts related to COVID-19 that create opportunities for immediate and long-term recovery, systemic transformation, and revitalization throughout Washtenaw County to communities underserved and affected most by COVID-19. 

The full list of AAACF grants are available here. A few selected grants are featured below:

  • Jewish Family Services: funding the Micro Enterprise Development (MED) Program, which supports refugee and other immigrant entrepreneurs with education, coaching, marketing support, and microloans as they launch or expand a small business.
  • Joyful Treats: support to provide free programs in assisting residents who are victims of all forms of hardships developed during COVID-19.
  • Kerrytown Concert House: support for Passing the Torch, pairing four master BIPOC master musicians from diverse musical backgrounds with four young, promising BIPOC musicians. Together, they will present performances, engage in mentorship conversations, and facilitate educational outreach within the community.
  • Community Daycare Preschool: support for preschool-aged children from marginalized communities to attend preschool this summer and into the fall.
  • Women's Center for Southeast Michigan: funding for Jumpstart, a 90-minute therapy session in response to the mental health issues arising due to the pandemic.

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