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Community Input Sought on New Capacity Building for Social Movements Grant Progam

Capacity Building for Social Movements: Grants for “capacity building” have been a central focus for AAACF for decades. Capacity building is an equivocal concept because there can be both tangible and intangible outcomes across multiple levels, from micro to macro. The Nonprofit Quarterly says: “It can be helpful to think of capacity building through the lens of who (e.g., people, organizations, networks), what (e.g., knowledge, skills, processes), and how (e.g., training, peer learning, technical assistance).”

AAACF wants the community to help define the “who, what, and how” as it takes a tested grant program focus and directs it toward new investments: capacity building for social movements. We want solutions that can change people’s lives, conditions, and prevailing power dynamics in our community.

The public is welcome to attend two community feedback sessions at AAACF to give input on what success would like for this new grant program:

  • Tuesday, February 18, 2020 from 3 - 5pm
  • Thursday, February 27, 2020 from 10am - 12pm

Please note that those wanting to attend a feedback session must RSVP.   The link to sign-up can be found here: Feedback Session RSVP.

Staff Contact: Christopher Lemon

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