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Catchafire Opportunity for Capacity-Building

AAACF and the Washtenaw Coordinated Funders are excited to be co-funding, in partnership with the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, to bring the Catchafire platform to Washtenaw County!

What is Catchafire?
Catchafire is a platform that supports nonprofits around their capacity-building needs. They match highly-skilled professionals who want to donate their time and talent with nonprofits who need those skills. With Catchafire, nonprofits are able to complete important work, and staff have the opportunity to develop professional skills, thereby strengthening organizational capacity and helping changemakers achieve their goals.

For more details about how Catchafire can impact your organization and our community, check out The Philadelphia Foundation's video on their experience.

Opportunity Details
With the co-funding partnership, this opportunity to engage with the Catchafire platform is being offered at no cost to Washtenaw County nonprofits. The engagement is on a 2-year trial basis, started in February 2020, as we explore this way to support nonprofits in achieving their own goals. This opportunity opened on a first-come, first-served basis, with a total of 240 spots available.

Please note that this opportunity is for Washtenaw County-based nonprofits. Organizations must be physically located in the County, with Washtenaw County residents as their target audience.

Launch Details
This program officially launched on February 10, 2020, but is staying open until all 240 spots have been taken. Any inability to sign-up on the Google Form means that all spots have been assigned.

Catchafire will be hosting webinars moving forward for all organizations that are just now signing up. Catchafire also has recordings of webinars for you to watch, as well as a live chat consultant on the platform to support any questions you may have.

To sign up for the Catchafire opportunity, please fill out this Google Form

Questions? Contact Christopher Lemon at

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