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Helping Others at Year-End Could Help You!
By Dr. Shelley Strickland / November 12, 2018

The “Season of Giving” is upon us and while some things have changed since late last year, there are still several ways to support your favorite nonprofits in a tax-advantageous* way: 

  • Give Appreciate Securities! Capital gains tax was unchanged by the tax bill, so gifts of stock remain a very viable option. If you give to AAACF, a public charity, you likely have a higher AGI limit. We are happy to provide stock gift instructions.
  • A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) may be helpful even if you don’t itemize, as it can lower your taxable income. A QCD from your IRA must be paid directly to a nonprofit and cannot go toward a donor-advised fund. Retirement plan providers require time to process these gifts (a nonprofit’s EIN—AAACF: 38-3087967—is usually required), so do not delay in requesting them!
  • Please request any grants from your donor-advised fund early if you want them processed by year-end. Even better, wait and request the grant early in the year when nonprofits typically don’t see the same generosity as they do at year-end—the contribution can have more impact!
  • Setting up a donor-advised fund can be a quick process. A no-obligation short call or visit with us is the first step to be sure a donor-advised fund, and one through AAACF, is your best option. Our ultimate goal is to further philanthropy in this community and we are a resource.
  • “Bundling” your contributions for itemizing one year and not in subsequent ones can also be accomplished through more than just a donor-advised fund. Individuals can set up a nonprofit endowment fund (even in their name), receive the same tax benefits when the fund is established, and AAACF cuts the check annually to the nonprofit. Plus, future gifts into the fund will still be eligible for tax-deduction. Remember, donor-advised funds cannot receive QCDs so setting up a nonprofit endowment might be a better option if you are planning on future gifts of this type.
  • Some Stern Legacy Challenge matching dollars are still available to maximize the impact of your gift to a nonprofit endowment—an existing one or one you want to create as a bundling alternative!

  • We are open through 12/31 at 5:00 pm, so please contact us to discuss any options: 734.663.0401 or

    *AAACF is providing information, not specific legal or tax advice. Please consult your professional advisors and we are happy to work directly with them.

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