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Neel Hajra
Neel Hajra
Neel Hajra's Blog

By Neel Hajra / June 29, 2021
As a life-long resident of Washtenaw County, I love that the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation (AAACF) engages in a wide and diverse range of philanthropic activities to address an evolving community. If forced to identify just one example of how AAACF has evolved in recent years, it would be our Community Scholarship Program (CSP). That’s because CSP is more than a scholarship program—it embeds multiple new philosophies and AAACF’s new Core Values (Prioritizing Community, Pursuing Equity, Earning Trust, Leveraging Knowledge & Enhancing Collaboration). Although CSP has been on my mind during this season of celebrating high school and college graduations (and do watch the video about our 12 CSP college grads!), I want to reflect on CSP now as an illustration of how we are approaching our work in general moving forward.

By Neel Hajra / February 17, 2021
I’m surely not alone in wanting to leave 2020 in the rearview mirror. Some reflection on what transpired will help us keep at the forefront the many lessons learned and how to move forward for continued impact on our community. As we have closed the books on 2020 and are undergoing our annual independent audit, I want to reflect on the foundation’s past year. The extraordinarily challenging year was also the convergence of many institutional milestones for AAACF and for me — the completion of a five-year strategic plan developed when I first became CEO, the tenth year of my tenure at AAACF, and the launch by our board and staff of new core values that guided us in 2020 and will propel us forward for years to come.

By Neel Hajra / June 4, 2020
Amid an avalanche of bad news, from pandemic to racial injustice, nothing illustrates better the tension in my head right now than deciding whether to start my remarks with “As a person of color” or “As a person of privilege.” Two choices, equally valid, but so deeply different in meaning and implication.

By Neel Hajra / February 4, 2020
If you are short on time, I’ll cut to the chase: please take and share AAACF’s survey on local capital investments in Washtenaw County: 1) for institutions (if you received Entrypoint’s email) and 2) for individuals. If you have a few moments… read on!

By Neel Hajra / May 11, 2018
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 enacted numerous changes relating to charitable giving. If the initial public outcry was to be believed, most of these changes will reduce giving. However, we believe the reality will be much more nuanced, and that a decline is not inevitable.

By Neel Hajra / February 26, 2018
We live in a great community full of caring people and organizations. Still, we face a demographic shift over the next few decades that will challenge us. Instead of just hoping we will be fine, AAACF has taken additional action to get ahead of projections.

By Neel Hajra / February 10, 2018
Welcome to AAACF’s new blog – Forever Washtenaw! I’m also pleased to welcome you to our new website. I hope that our revamped digital platform will make it easier for you to learn our work, connect with our staff, and partner with us on making an impact in Washtenaw County.

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