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Jillian Rosen
Jillian Rosen
Jillian Rosen's Blog

By Jillian Rosen / November 2, 2021
Since I don’t have a crystal ball, I can help to create a shared line of sight for our community regarding grantmaking by sharing where AAACF is looking in 2022 with our organizational priorities and resource allocations. In 2021 our Board approved, as part of an ongoing strategic planning process (to conclude in 2022), a strategic imperative that will guide the foundation’s grantmaking and community initiatives: Leveraging AAACF’s unique strengths to aggressively reduce inequity and increase opportunity in areas where we are well-positioned to lead and collaborate.

By Jillian Rosen / April 15, 2021
As a child I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in rural upstate New York. My grandfather was particularly fond of hiking in the woods (sans any marked trails) and took me along with him. Most of the time we would set off from their house and spend hours making our way through the forest; always our first task was to find for ourselves a walking stick. This ritual of searching out our walking stick was something I looked forward to as much as the hike itself. It provided us with stability, a sense of purpose, and something to literally hold onto as we ventured onto unknown paths.

By Jillian Rosen / October 29, 2020
When I was teenager, about to graduate from high school, I desperately wanted to spend a year traveling the world before enrolling in college. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and experience people and places. I had big visions of adventure — who doesn’t when you’re 17 and have no idea how adult life works. I also had two loving, overprotective parents who did not share my grand vision and who saw a straight path from high school to college. I wrote them essays on why this was a good idea, showed them pictures of the places I wanted to go, and still they did not support my plan. As I am no longer a wanderlust teenager and as a parent myself, I get it — the opportunity just wasn’t there. It was an important lesson — that opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

By Jillian Rosen / July 25, 2019
I offer to you just a few of the titles that have been eye-opening, challenging, or just plain fun! If you find yourself reading one or more of these and want a partner to dive into the material – please give me a call: 734-663-0401!

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