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The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation (AAACF) is a philanthropic organization with a broad community focus: enriching the quality of life in Washtenaw County.

Did you know?

AAACF is one of more than 700 community foundations nationwide and the 8th largest of 63 community foundations in Michigan.

Our Purpose

More than 50 years ago, residents established the foundation as a permanent source of community capital in Washtenaw County. Think of us as a savings account for the community, with proceeds from our endowed funds distributed as grants for local nonprofits and scholarships.

In more technical terms, AAACF is a tax-exempt public charity (EIN: 38-6087967) that helps individuals, families, groups, and organizations accomplish their philanthropic goals. Through a core team of 17 Trustees, a staff of 14, and 400+ volunteers, AAACF connects people, charitable causes, and permanent capital for community impact.

AAACF has over doubled in size since 2015, growing to $177 million in assets and nearly $8 million in grants annually.

AAACF offers personalized service, local expertise, and innovative collaborations.

Our Services

  • Meeting Charitable Goals: We work with donors and their professional advisors to help them meet their charitable goals. The combination of donors’ resources and philanthropic intentions with our financial expertise creates meaningful, lasting impact in our community.
  • Building Healthy Endowments: Our Board of Trustees, Finance & Investment Committee, and professional investment consultants work to protect our endowed funds to ensure their long-term growth, stability and permanence.
  • Leading Positive Change: Using hard work, research, and an array of community partnerships, we craft grant and scholarship programs that maximize the positive impact of our community’s resources.

Our Mission

The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation enriches the quality of life in our region through its knowledgeable leadership, engaged grantmaking, and creative partnerships with donors to make philanthropic investments and build endowment.

Our Values

AAACF's goals: Prioritizing Community surrounded by Pursuing Equity, Earning Trust, Leveraging Knowledge, and Embracing Collaboration


Prioritizing Community: Our community includes all residents of Washtenaw County, representing the many communities within. We will listen actively and deeply to our community and will hold ourselves accountable for empowering people, especially those under-served or overlooked by current systems.


  • Pursuing Equity: We define equity as providing different levels of support based on an individual’s or group’s needs to achieve fair outcomes and to help all people achieve their full potential. We will work to understand and change root causes of injustice. We will engage in difficult conversations, take stands, and exert servant leadership in support of equity. Our board, staff, and volunteers will reflect the diversity of Washtenaw County. We recognize the foundation’s position of privilege in the community and will use it to pursue inclusion and equity.
  • Earning Trust: We will be self-reflective, candid, and transparent, and we will perform our work with integrity, professionalism, and stewardship.
  • Embracing Collaboration: We will use our financial, human, and social capital to seek allies, nurture relationships, and harness the power of partnership and mutual learning. We will strive to develop shared vision and goals with our community and partners.
  • Leveraging Knowledge: We will be a data-driven organization that generates, shares, and uses high quality information to make decisions, including information gained from the lived experience and voice of community residents. We will study, adapt, and implement innovative ideas to enhance our local impact.

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