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Ypsilanti Rutherford Pool Fund

As a valued community resource, Ypsilanti's Rutherford Pool currently hosts nearly 17,000 visits each summer and offers a variety of water programs including:   morning swim lessons for youth, splash fun for toddlers and parents, and daily exercise programs for senior citizens. General swim each afternoon hosts an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse group of hundreds, and provides “affordable day care” for many families.

Built in 1971, the pool was designed to last 25 years.  A patchwork of repairs over the years managed to stretch the facility's life span to nearly 40. The pool closed after the 2011 summer season, and the Friends of Rutherford Pool have raised nearly $1 million from a wide group of community members, grants, and public resources to build a new pool, which is scheduled to open for the 2014 Summer Season. 

Two  funds at the Ypsilanti Area Community Fund have supported the Friends of Rutherford Pool's efforts:

  • Ypsilanti Rutherford Pool Fund
    A special project fund established to receive gifts to support the pool’s development, construction, operation and maintenance.  10% of private gifts received will be directed to the Pool's endowment.

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  • Ypsilanti Rutherford Pool Endowment Fund
    To provide support to the Friends of Rutherford Pool, Inc. and to fund the new pool's future maintenance.

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A new Rutherford Pool will include state of the art mechanical systems that will create significant operating efficiencies. Those savings and an endowed fund to support future maintenance and upkeep will help ensure Rutherford Pool’s long-term sustainability.