Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

YC Alumni

Over the last 20 years, nearly 200 high schools students have served on AAACF's Youth Council - overseeing nearly $1.5 million in grants that have expanded opportunities for youth throughout our community.

Ask any YC alum what they have learned from their experience on Youth Council and you can count on a rewarding response. 
While reflections can be as varied and diverse as Youth Council has been,
key themes always emerge:

  • Learning to work with a diverse group of people toward a common goal,
  • A deeper understanding of the issues young people face,
  • A better appreciation of  local nonprofits and the work they do to improve our community,
  • A deeper appreciation for the power of philanthropy and volunteering,
  • What it means to be engaged and invested in helping to make one's community a better place.

Jonas Kieffer, YC (1999-2001) shares:
"My tour of Youth Council duty prepared me, in many ways, for what I do in my current job at the Rockefeller Foundation.  Youth Council forged an enduring recognition that active, civic engagement - sharing in the heavy lifting of building community - is an obligation, not an extracurricular activity.  Most important, it taught all of us fortunate enough to serve that we share opportunities and responsibilities to lead lives of good, for ourselves and our communities, for ever."

For a few stories of Youth Council Alumni and where they are now.