Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

YC Funding Priorities

Youth Council grantmaking priorities are based on a range of considerations:

At the broadest level, Youth Council will review grant applications for programs that serve area youth between the ages of 5-18. These programs are not restricted in subject matter and can serve any number of areas, such as the arts, education, recreational, and health and human services. Youth Council is particularly interested in programs that are youth-initiated or involve youth in decision-making.

On a more specific level, Youth Council conducts a Needs Assessment Survey every three years to identify what area youth feel are the issues that need the most attention. Youth Council feels that the Needs Assessment helps to give a real and credible voice to the population it is trying to serve.

Listed below are the results for the Needs Assessment completed in the Fall of 2010:

Programs that deserve funding:
    1. After school recreation and social activities
    2. Music programs
    3. Mentoring
    4. Art programs
    5. Job skill/Job Training Activities

Youth would personally participate in the following programs:
    1. After school recreation and social activities
    2. Art programs
    3. Music programs
    4. Job skill/Job training activities
    5. Youth-led programs

To download the results of the 2010 Needs Assessment.

While the Needs Assessment Survey serves as a major guide for grantmaking priorities, Youth Council also recognizes that funding opportunities will arise that are either outside of the scope of the Needs Assessment or the result of new and developing needs within the community. Youth Council is committed to trying to serve those needs as well whenever possible.