Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Grant Guidelines

The Community Foundation awards competitive grants through the following grant programs: 

Grant Program                             Focus Area                        Next Cycle 

Community Grantmaking       Washtenaw County             Feb. 8-Mar. 28, 2017 

Anna Botsford Bach                 Seniors                                  Feb. 8- Mar. 28, 2017
Youth Council                             Youth                                     Feb. 8-Mar. 28, 2017
Cultural Economic                     Arts and Culture                  Spring 2017
African American                     African American                  TBD        
Endowment Fund                    Community            
Community Foundation         Greater Plymouth                  August 8-Sept. 13, 2017     
of Plymouth:                              Area      
Coordinated Funding:             Human Services                    Fall 2017    
                                                     Capacity Building     

Ypsilanti Area                           Greater Ypsilanti                    TBD         
Community Fund:                    Area     


AAACF welcomes grant applications from 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations whose programs and services benefit the people of Washtenaw County and Plymouth, MI.

Questions? Please email Jillian Rosen, Director of Community Investment