Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for an AAACF grant?
501(c)(3) nonprofits proposing services in Washtenaw County, Michigan. In addition, our affiliate, the Plymouth Community Foundation, will consider nonprofit proposals for the greater Plymouth, Michigan area.
How many applications may my agency submit during a single cycle?
You may submit one unique application per grant program (including Coordinated Funding). For example, you may request support from the Youth Council for an initiative, and submit a separate application to the Bach Fund as long as it's for a different initiative. If you wish to submit more than one application, please contact Jillian Rosen to discuss the appropriate approach.
Do you make out-of-cycle grants?
AAACF does not make out-of-cycle grants.  Please contact Jillian Rosen to find out more about AAACF’s grant opportunities and the details for the next cycle.  
How do I give my proposal the best chance for success?
Make sure you carefully review this website - if a grant cycle is currently open,  email us through one of the Grant Program Pages to discuss your proposal. We welcome the conversation!
How do I find out whether you fund my proposal?
We will email every applicant with our decision within 6-8 weeks of the proposal deadline.
Are the Ypsilanti Area Community Foundation and the Plymouth Community Fund strictly limited to their city limits?
No, we consider applications that benefit citizens in the greater Ypsilanti area (including Willow Run and Ypsilanti Township) and the greater Plymouth area (including Plymouth Township and parts of Northville, Salem, and Superior Townships).




What is Coordinated Funding?
Coordinated Funding is a collaboration the Office of Community Development (representing the City of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, and Washtenaw Urban County), the United Way of Washtenaw County, and the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation. To learn more, visit the Coordinated Funding website.
Who is eligible for a Coordinated Funding grant?
501(c)(3) nonprofits proposing human services in Washtenaw County, Michigan.
How many applications may I submit?
Your agency may submit one application for itself and one as the lead applicant for a collaborative. Your agency may be named as a collaborative partner in unlimited additional applications by other agencies.
Do I have to be a member of one of the six planning and coordination groups in order to receive a Coordinated Funding grant?
Although it is not required, the committee will consider your level of participation in at least one of the groups, as well as the extent to which your proposal supports the goals of at least one of the groups.
Who reviews Coordinated Funding applications?
A joint committee of four AAACF volunteers and four United Way volunteers will review grant applications.