Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Gift Options: Tangible Personal Property

The Community Foundation accepts meaningful gifts of tangible property  - including art, antiques, collectibles, rare books, jewelry, gems, stamp and coin collections.

When gifted to a public charity such as the Community Foundation, personal property items are deductible at full fair market value as determined by a qualified independent appraisal - but only if the use of the donated property is related to the tax exempt purposes of the charitable organization.  Two examples:

  • A gift of a painting to a museum or a gift of a rare book to a library would be deductible at full market value.
  • A gift of a stamp collection to the Community Foundation - which AAACF could sell -  is deductible at the cost basis of  the property.

Please note that some restrictions do apply.  All gifts of personal property are subject to review by AAACF's Gift Acceptance Committee and an independent appraisal arranged and paid for by the donor.

For AAACF's Gift Acceptance Policy.

If you are considering making a gift of personal property to the Community Foundation, please contact AAACF AAACF VP for Development Shelley Strickland.