Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Establish a New Fund

Establishing a named endowed fund at AAACF ensures a donor's gift will continue to grow and give forward for future generations - For good. For ever.

AAACF provides a meaningful and highly personal approach to giving. 
We can help donors establish a legacy, honor a loved one, or support a specific organization or area of interest. 

We offer a variety of different fund types to help donors achieve their personal charitable goals. 

These funds support AAACF’s strategic priorities and our work with community partners and nonprofits in identifying local needs, priorities, and opportunities for innovative solutions. The lower threshold for establishing a permanent named fund allows for broader community representation in donors who are investing in our community’s vibrancy.
Gifts to these funds are also administered through AAACF’s grantmaking process, except donors designate a specific cause (e.g., early childhood) or a broad area of interest (e.g., arts & culture) they wish to support. AAACF then has the flexibility to award grants to local organizations and programs making a difference in that area.

AGENCY FUNDS ($50,000)
Donors can support a favorite nonprofit or community organization by creating a designated endowment for that agency, thus providing a permanent income stream.

An attractive alternative to private foundations or a commercial gift fund, an AAACF donor advised fund provides donors with the flexibility to recommend grants to their favorite nonprofits, locally and beyond. A secure online giving portal allows donors to direct their charitable giving from one place. Donors can also leverage AAACF’s in-depth local knowledge for identifying grant opportunities to maximize impact.
To help increase college access and graduation rates for students in Washtenaw County with the greatest need, the Community Scholarship Fund (CSF) will award four-year scholarships to students representing any of three criteria: youth from low-income families, youth of color, or first-generation college students. New funds will be within the CSF.
These gifts help support AAACF operations and community leadership efforts.


Download the Fund Options handout.

Things to consider when establishing an endowed charitable fund at the Community Foundation:

  • The Community Foundation accepts a variety of assets.
  • When establishing a fund, donors have the opportunity to make a pledge and pay it out over time, which can facilitate reaching a fund minimum and a more meaningful gift. 
  • We can establish a new fund in your name, your family's, a business, or organization, or to honor of any person or organization you choose.
  • Tax benefits are realized in the year the gift is made.
  • Depending upon the type of fund established, donors have the opportunity to stay involved in grant decisions and the community good their gift provides.
  • AAACF's Board of Trustees distributes grants in the name of the fund.  When requested, grants can be made anonymously.
  • The Community Foundation handles all  the administrative details.
  • Gifts are placed into an endowment that is invested over time - and through investment earnings and future gifts will continue to grow.

To establish a named endowed fund at the Community Foundation, please contact Shelley Strickland.