Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Ten Reasons To Give

At the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, we have the privilege of working with thousands of donors whose generosity makes our work possible.  

Though we understand there are many reasons why people who care about our community choose to give to and through the Community Foundation, ten specific themes always emerge.

1. Trust
     We provide wise stewardship of the gifts entrusted to us - through the grants
     we make and professional investment management of our donors' charitable

2. Our focus is local.  We know our community well.
     With deep roots in our local community, we have a broad understanding of
     local needs and where there are opportunities to invest in innovative solutions
     that create lasting change.

3.  Innovative Community Partnerships. 
     We bring community leaders together and work closely with other local funders,
     nonprofits, public officials, and  businesses to coordinate resources to maximize
     community impact.

     To learn more about the community initiatives we support.

4.  We connect donors to the causes that matter.
      In helping donors fulfill their charitable goals, we have the ability to connect
      donors to grant opportunities that ensure their gifts provide the greatest good.

5.  We multiply the impact of donors' gifts.
      We have the ability to leverage donors' gifts with other public and private
      resources to magnify the impact of our grant awards.

6.  We provide highly personalized and flexible service.
     We are available online and in person to help donors fulfill their philanthropic
     goals. We accept a wide variety of assets and are able to facilitate even the
     most complex forms of giving.

7.  One gift can fulfill many philanthropic goals.
     Whether supporting a specific cause, a local or national nonprofit, or AAACF's
     grant programs, one gift can accomplish multiple charitable goals.

8. We build endowment. 
     Professional investment management ensures that our charitable funds will
     continue to grow and be available to invest in new ideas that respond to our
     community's needs - no matter what the future may bring.

9.  Gifts to AAACF offer maximum tax advantage under state and federal law. 

10. A gift to AAACF is For good and lasts For ever.