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Next Generation Philanthropists

NGP members at Ronald McDonald HouseA few NGP members cooking dinner at the Ronald McDonald House: Peter Grace, Katelyn Videto (AAACF staff), Amanda Borsuk, Lori Brewer, James Corey, Christina Kim, and Blair Beuche

Established in 2008, Next Generation Philanthropists (NGP) gives young adults living and working in the Ann Arbor area the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in our local communities by pooling their time, talent, and resources.

NGP members  each contribute a minimum of $500 to a pooled fund that awards grants to local nonprofit organizations and programs.  Members research and discuss current community issues and local nonprofits; determine funding priorities; and evaluate potential grant opportunities. 

Since 2008, NGP has awarded  $102,000 in grants to benefit local nonprofit organizations and programs. 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about NGP,
please contact  Jillian Rosen at the Community Foundation.

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Next Generation Philanthropists' grantmaking program.
** Please designate "NGP" when making your gift.

or mail a check to:
  Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
  ATTN: NGP Grantmaking Program
  301 North Main Street, Suite 300
  Ann Arbor, MI  48104