Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Giving Circles

Two groups of young philanthropists work with AAACF to pool their charitable gift dollars - to make a meaningful difference in our community.

In 2008, two Ann Arbor natives, Michael Nisson and Ned Staebler, sought to harness the energy and resources of their peers to reach out beyond their own social circles to help others in our community.  They worked with the Community Foundation to develop a way to support collaborative giving.

AAACF's two giving circles each have more than 20 members who pool their resources to award meaningful grants to local nonprofits and programs.  As with other AAACF grant programs, each group meets to determine their areas of interest and funding priorities, research community needs and local nonprofits, evaluate grant opportunities, and award grants after careful review and consideration.

The Community Foundation's goal is to engage the next generation of philanthropists in learning more about our community and its needs, and to give young adults the opportunity to channel their  time, talent and resources collaboratively to be able to make a meaningful difference. 

AAACF's giving circles have the power to get  members engaged in philanthropy and connected to giving in a way that deepens their understanding of our community, its challenges and opportunities.  Awarding grants through giving circles fosters a deeper appreciation of the nonprofit organizations who work to strengthen our community.

"We have dedicated members in both groups who work well together and enjoy the process of collaborative giving.  We all look forward to seeing the community impact our grants have. " - Michael Nisson

"It's about more than just making a donation.  It's spending time with friends to look at ways to make a meaningful impact on our community."   - Ned Staebler

For more information on AAACF's Giving Circles, please contact Katelyn Videto.