Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Barrier Busters Unmet Emergency Needs Fund

It’s more common than you think.

  • A young person struggling to make ends meet is on the cusp of eviction from her apartment.
  • A senior citizen is facing huge fines for being delinquent on his property taxes.
  • A homeless person facing a family crisis has no funds to get a home.
  • A handicapped individual is denied the funds to repair an automated wheelchair because, the state says, she has a manual one even though it severely limits her mobility.

Barriers Busters provides a source of hope for city and county residents whose requests for assistance have either bounced from agency to agency, gone unanswered, or culminated in an unresolved ‘crisis’ that presents an immediate danger to their health and safety.



The Barrier Busters Unmet Emergency Needs Fund was established in partnership with the Human Services Collaborative Council to help human service agencies cut through administrative barries and provide real solutions for their clients including (but not limited to) financial help.

Barrier Busters makes it possible for people to get the assistance they need with one phone call, not five or six.  The Fund can be tapped for basic needs, such as prescriptions, utility bills, transportation, hearing aids, food, clothing and rent. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, expenditures cannot not exceed $200 in any one case.  

While AAACF is the fiscal agent, Neighborhood Senior Services serves as the Fund’s administrator.

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