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Springmatter Fund

Springmatter is home to the OPEN MINDS | OPEN HEARTS | OPEN WORLDS community and network. We support an educational initiative promoting diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration by applying the philosophies of Dr. King; a platform for expressing the human experience of living life authentically and fearlessly; and a network of inclusive companies, community organizations, diverse individuals, advocates, educators, and schools that have taken a stand in support of human rights and diverse populations.

We believe that all people can have a meaningful impact when empowered with the education, training, and resources to accomplish their goals.

Our vision is to fulfill the Dream in which every human being has the unalienable right to live authentically and have equal and equitable opportunities in education, employment, housing, and healthcare — and the ability to live peacefully and productively in a ‘world house’ that values diversity.

Whether you are an individual seeking to make your voice heard, an educator striving to teach the value of all differences, a community organizer looking to take the next step in outreach, or a company representative trying to take that first step of faith toward inclusivity and diversity — you are welcome here and we encourage you to join us.

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