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Give (Yet) This Year!


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Give (Yet) This Year!
Whether you just procrastinated or are now worried about possible tax changes, we're in the office to help until 5:30pm on Friday, December 29:

Give before 12/31!Consider timing: All cash or other asset contributions for 2017 must be received in-person by Friday, December 30, or post-marked in 2017 (it is not the date of the check but the date of the post-mark that determines the gift year). Remember you can give online even on Sunday, December 31!


Transfer stock?Consider appreciated stock ASAP: Selling appreciated stock may trigger capital gains taxes, but these taxes don't apply if you gift your securities to charity. Click here for instructions and please alert us that you’ll be making a stock transfer. Initiate the transfer now to be sure your gift processes before year-end.


Donor advised funds?Consider front-loading your giving: It's easy to establish a donor-advised fund for for a 2017 tax deduction and recommend grants next year. Talk to your advisor; if you're worried about possible tax changes, giving more―and now―may make sense.