Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Spending Policy

AAACF's spending policy guides the amount of grant dollars that are available each year to support community programs and initiatives. 
AAACF's goal is to preserve the value of an endowed fund over time - to ensure the fund's value will continue to provide the same level of grant support over the long-term - despite the effects of inflation and market volatility. 

At the end of each calendar year,  AAACF determines the spending available (grant dollars) for the upcoming calendar year for each individual fund managed.  Spending available is calculated at  5% of the fair market value of each fund - which is based upon a 16-quarter rolling average of  the market value of those assets ending September 30th.

Spending available for each fund will be used to cover AAACF's administrative fee and grant distributions as follows:

Spending Amount Available 
    Less AAACF Administrative Fee
    = Amount available for Grant Distributions for upcoming calendar year

At the end of each year, AAACF's Investment and Finance Committee will determine and recommend a budget for the spending available for all of AAACF's funds for the upcoming calendar year.  AAACF's Board of Trustees gives final approval.

For a more detailed description of AAACF's Spending Policy and Guidelines, please contact AAACF Chief Financial Officer Jamie Hunter.