Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Investment Managers

AAACF's Finance & Investment Committee meets quarterly with our Investment Consultant, Prime Buchholz & Associates.
  • Prime Buchholz  provides quarterly reports and monitors the performance and investing style of all our fund managers.
  • Prime Buchholz also works with AAACF's Finance & Investment Committee to research new investment managers when the time
    comes to make a change or add an investment class.
  • Our Investment Managers make day-to-day decisions regarding the segment of AAACF's investment portfolio they manage - guided by written investment guidelines signed by the manager. They buy and sell investments in a particular asset class and provide monthly financial reports to both PBA and the Community Foundation's staff.
  • Custodians execute financial transactions at the direction of the Investment Managers and provide monthly financial reports. They also move funds in and out of various accounts as directed by the Community Foundation staff.

Investment Consultant/Fees               

Prime Buchholz & Associates, Inc.      .25% first $20 million
Portsmouth, New Hampshire                .10% next $50 million                        .05% over $70 million

Investment Custodian/Fees

U.S. Bank                                     .025%
Minneapolis, MN

Questions or for more information, please contact AAACF's Chief Financial Officer Jamie Hunter.