Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Financial & Investment Information

At the Ann Arbor Community Foundation, we take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously.

AAACF currently manages more than $100 million in total assets and more than 550 charitable endowed funds on our community's behalf.

As a public trust, it is incumbent upon us to be good stewards of the gifts entrusted to us. A long-term investment strategy and a sound spending policy are intended to ensure our donors gifts and charitable funds will continue to grow and be able to generate a consistent level of grant support each year adjusted for inflation, even amidst extreme market volatility.

To accomplish that, AAACF’s investment goal is to produce a return over time that is equal to or greater than AAACF’s spending policy plus the rate of inflation.

To ensure proper oversight of our investment activities, we maintain a multi-tiered system that oversees AAACF’s investment portfolio, performance and management:

  • AAACF’s Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility in overseeing the prudent investment of our assets. They review investment performance monthly, and meet directly with AAACF’s professional Investment
    Consultant, Prime Buchholz & Associates, once a year. AAACF’s Board of Trustees also sets the Community Foundation’s Investment & Spending Policy, and target asset allocation guidelines.
  • AAACF’s Finance & Investment Committee meets quarterly with our professional Investment Consultant to closely monitor AAACF’s portfolio and investment performance. In addition, this highly qualified group of local finance and investment professionals meets regularly to review and assess the Community Foundation’s fiscal policies, investment strategy, and investment performance.
  • AAACF’s Professional Investment Consultant, Prime Buchholz & Associates monitors the performance and investing strategy of a number of fund managers and provides monthly reports. The firm also meets with AAACF’s Finance & Investment Committee quarterly and AAACF’s Board of Trustees annually to review investment performance and provide advice on AAACF’s Investment & Spending Policy.

For more information, please contact  AAACF CFO Jamie Hunter or call (734) 663-0401.