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Ann Arbor Spirit of Woodstock Fund

The Ann Arbor Spirit of Woodstock Fund supports those activities in dialogue, art or activism which provides a space to encourage all people regardless of background, faith, financial access, race, to participate in the democratic process, and to encourage them to both be heard and be counted. 

Specifically, the Spirit of Woodstock was established in 2010 by Kirk Profit to support a broad range of non-partisan and non-political activities including the performing arts, public exhibits, community forums, and educational activities that promote participatory democracy.
Participatory democracy is a process by which all individuals in this society share in social decisions that impact their lives.  Participatory democracy is about direct action and consensus-building.
Focusing on social justice and individual participation by citizens in political & social decisions and policies that affect their lives, the Fund will support programs such as:
  • Community conversations, town halls, forums & gatherings
  • Impact workshops
  • Community engaged art & performance
  • Conferences & seminars
  • Musical performances
  • Film and multi-media presentations
  • Guest speakers/lectures, salons & teach-ins
  • Other activities that encourage and inspire thought and participation in contemporary issues.
Kirk Profit came of age in the 60’s and remembers that time well, especially the call to his generation to “rise up and respond” to the issues of the day - what he refers to as “the spirit of Woodstock”. Kirk shares:
“In the 1960’s, a time of challenge and promise in America, participatory democracy was renewed, encouraged, and supported through many gatherings of Americans – gatherings that resulted in the development of a new agenda for America. This Fund is established to support the continuation and rekindling of that spirit through nonprofit organizations and individual groups that encourage and support these interests through various forms of expression and participatory democracy.”
For more information, please contact Kirk Profit or Decky Alexander.

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