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Applicant Instructions, Resources, & FAQs

As you begin your scholarship application, here are some steps & resources to help you successfully navigate the application process.

Need help?

Please email Maryellen Ferro or call 734-663-0401 x116 with questions.

Step One: Prepare

Step Two: Apply

  • Answer the Prequalifying Questions to determine eligibility
  • Begin your application (you may log in and out as needed)
  • Obtain your completed Scholarship Recommendation Form and transcript and upload them to your application.
  • Upload any additional essays or other documents if required

Step Three: Finish

  • Finish the online portion of your Scholarship Application
  • Preview a PDF of your application
  • Submit your application

Scholarship FAQs

Who do I contact if I forgot my User Name and/or Password?

If you forget your login credentials, please contact Nathan Smith at nsmith@aaacf.org.

What do I do if I completed the Prequalifying Questions and a scholarship I believe I fit the criteria for did not appear on the list of eligible scholarships?

If you have carefully gone through the Prequalifying Questions and still are not receiving the results you think you should, please contact Zac Smith at zsmith@aaacf.org or 734-663-0401 x123 for additional assistance.

Do I need to complete the FAFSA in order to apply for a scholarship?

Although all students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA, it is not required to apply for a scholarship through AAACF.

Do I need to be a US Citizen or certified US permanent resident to apply for a scholarship?

The scholarships offered through AAACF are open to students regardless of their citizenship or permanent residence status.

Can I apply for a scholarship if I am planning to take a gap year after high school?

With the exception of the Community Scholarship Program & the Morse B. Barker Memorial Scholarship, students who plan to take a gap year are eligible to apply for scholarships, but if they are selected as a recipient must communicate their plans to AAACF after the award has been made.

Can I apply for and receive more than one scholarship?

Students are encouraged to apply for as many of the scholarships as they are eligible for and are not limited in the number they may receive.

If I applied for a scholarship last year and want to apply again this year do I need to go through the Prequalifying Questions again? How do I access the profile I already set up?

Because it is a new year and a new application cycle you will need to complete the Prequalifying Questions again to determine which scholarships you are eligible for. If you can’t recall your User Name and/or Password, please contact Nathan Smith at nsmith@aaacf.org

What do I do if I started an application but do not know how to resume work on the application again?

Download instructions for Resuming an Application.

How is financial need determined?

Financial need is determined based on the information  that is entered into the online Scholarship Application. If the student is now or has been before eligible for free and reduced lunch AAACF staff will take the family income and number of people in the household and consider those below 200% of the poverty level as eligible.

How do I upload my transcript, Scholarship Recommendation Form, and additional requirements (if needed)?

Download instructions for Uploading Documents. Please note that you may upload your documents at any time in the application process. If you have trouble uploading the documents you can email them to Zac Smith at zsmith@aaacf.org and he will upload them for you.

What kind of files can I upload as attachments?

Documents that are uploaded to your application must be Word documents or PDF’s. Google documents, jpegs, pngs, and photos of documents are not acceptable and can often not be opened internally. Unfortunately, this will result in your application being marked as incomplete.

Who should I ask to fill out the Scholarship Recommendation Form for me?

With the exception of the Richard Weldon Memorial Scholarship which must be completed by an employer for a job that was held while attending Pioneer HS, this form should be completed by someone who knows you best and can speak to your individual qualities (teachers, advisors, mentors, counselors, coaches, supervisors, employers, etc.). Scholarship Recommendation Forms from relatives, family members, or peers are not accepted.

What do I do if the person who fills out the Scholarship Recommendation Form does not want me to see it?

Scholarship Recommendation Forms that are to remain confidential can be emailed by the recommender to mferro@aaacf.org.

Can my recommender write a Letter of Recommendation instead of filling out the Scholarship Recommendation Form?

In order to ensure that our committees have the information they need to make thoughtful and objective decisions about scholarship recipients, ONLY the Scholarship Recommendation Form is accepted.

Do my transcripts need to be official?

Official and unofficial transcripts are accepted. Please note that unofficial transcripts must include the students name, school name, grades (semester and cumulative), and cannot be cut and pasted into a document. If transcripts are only accessible if paid for, please contact Maryellen Ferro at mferro@aaacf.org before purchasing. AAACF does not want paying for transcripts to become a barrier or obstacle to applying for a scholarship. Please begin the process of obtaining your transcript as soon as possible so it can be uploaded before the application deadline

Do I need to include a high school transcript in my application if I am already in college?

Applicants who are enrolled in college should upload their most recent college transcript only.

Should I list my high school activities if I am already in college?

Applicants who are enrolled in college should not include their high school activities, but should list any community based activities that occurred during that time if they are relevant.

When will I be notified if I have received a scholarship?

In most instances, scholarship applicants can expect to hear back from AAACF via email regarding the status of their application at any time between the months of March and April. However, a few scholarships are announced at high school graduation ceremonies/banquets/etc.

What can the scholarship money be used for and how is it disbursed?

Scholarships may be used to help defray the costs associated with tuition, the purchase of books, and any other related educational expenses. Scholarship payments will be sent in full to the school a recipient has identified they will be attending after AAACF receives a Verification of Enrollment. Unless otherwise arranged, AAACF will request the dollars are distributed equally between the fall and winter semesters.

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