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2017 Financial Returns

The Foundation’s portfolio had a good year in 2017, gaining 16.4% for the year, and benefiting from strength in global financial markets.

Community Impact 2017 Grantmaking

We love where we live—and we know you do, too! Thank you for entrusting us with your philanthropy to enhance our community. Our Community Grantmaking Program, supported by community impact (unrestricted) and field-of-interest funds, made many grants of significance last year—and will do so, forever.

Ypsilanti Area Community Fund (YACF) Announces Two Multi-Year Grants

YACF is excited to be announcing two multi-year grants to support Community Action Network (CAN), in partnership with the Lincoln Consolidated School District and Brick Elementary School, and Family Learning Institute (FLI), in partnership with Mentor to Youth and Washtenaw Community College at Parkridge Community Center.

$2.5M Vital Seniors Competition for Innovation Launched by AAACF

The largest competition dedicated to seniors in North America is launching at the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation (AAACF). Vital Seniors: A Community Innovation Competition, a $2.5M initiative sponsored by the Glacier Hills Legacy Fund at AAACF, will support innovative projects designed to serve and protect our most vulnerable seniors and their caregivers.

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