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AAACF Summer 2022 E-News

In this issue: AAACF Vision & Updates Video, Save The Date for Sept 13 Community Meeting, Honoring Trustee Transitions, Trustee Dinner & CSP Celebration

Learn of & Celebrate the Lasting Legacy of Helmut Stern

Where was an 18-inch diameter ball, perfectly spherical within 50 millionths of an inch for use in the Satellite Motion Simulator, used to acquaint astronauts with spacecraft control, produced? The gold standard for the tiny spherical ball used by Papermate was created and produced in the millions annually where? What corporation was ahead of the curve regarding reclamation and associated environmental concerns? What Ann Arbor company was among those that helped create Bell Telephone Systems' Telstar Satellite, which launched in 1962—and among other things transported the first television images through space?

CED In Our Neighborhood Grants 2018

There are countless groups and connections between individuals that together make up our community in Washtenaw County. These “neighborhoods” that we live in are both literal (defined by geography) and figurative – some of us might be members of “neighborhoods” that are based on our vocation or social identity. “Arts and Culture” form the connective tissue that makes these neighborhoods thrive, allowing us to access our individual creative spirit, meaningfully connect with others, support economic activity, and give voice to our many and diverse experiences.

New 2018-19 Youth Council Members

We are pleased to introduce the new Youth Council members who are joining the committee this academic year! They represent a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives on our community, which are critical to the thoughtful decisions of the Youth Council. These Ann Arbor high school students oversee annual grants of $80,000+ and volunteer in the community.

E-News: AAACF 2018 Fall Update

AAACF's 2018 Fall E-News was released! Check out the 2017 Annual Report & 2018 Update, and news on the Stern Legacy Challenge, Vital Seniors Competition, and YACF community gatherings. Didn't receive it? Sign up today or read the full article online.

E-News: AAACF 2018 Summer Update

From supporting seniors to encouraging kids' philanthropy, from the ongoing leadership of past Trustees to emerging young leaders, and multi-pronged support for education and youth initiatives, AAACF represents philanthropy for all ages! Follow the links to read the full article online.

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