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AAACF 2019 Annual Report

AAACF 2019 Annual Report

We recognize that this report is being released during an incredibly challenging time and that many people and organizations in Washtenaw County are facing dire economic hardships. AAACF has been sharing news of granting more than $1 million in response to the pandemic (our dedicated COVID-19 page continuously updates grantee listings, with forthcoming updates on up to an additional $500,000 in nonprofit loans) to provide a source of hope to all in our community. In this same spirit of hope—and in the comfort many of us now find in familiar traditions and activities, we share our 2019 Annual Report.

AAACF Update: Week of 4/27-5/1/2020

This week, we recognize key components of “community” in the Community Foundation. Although we have adapted in many ways to this crisis, we have also maintained important fundamentals such as working with hundreds of community volunteers comprising all our committees.

AAACF Update: Week of 4/20-24/2020

In this week’s update, we focus on action through recent grants for communities most impacted by this pandemic, according to data both quantitative and qualitative. Building on our previously shared collaborative, community-driven and research-based approach, AAACF has deployed more than $1 million in grants to date.

AAACF Update: Week of 4/13-17/2020

In this week’s update, we examine the nexus between institutions and individuals. Engagement with both organizations and people informs every aspect of our work, and here we highlight three examples.

AAACF Update: Week of 4/6-10/2020

As April has begun and the pandemic continues, we are going to issue regular weekly updates on our community responses and activities. This week highlights on Data-Driven Responses, Collaborative Responses, Personalized Responses, and Thoughtful Responses.

Update on AAACF’s Support for our Community

For more than a half century, thousands of community members have invested in Washtenaw County through endowment gifts large and small. Because of that loyalty to community, the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation (AAACF) can give significantly in this time of crisis. In the past two weeks, AAACF has already deployed more than $475,000 across our community.

Short-Term Cash Flow Loan Program Now Open

The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation’s Short-Term Cash Flow Loan Program makes short-term (up to 180 days) cash flow loans of $5,000 - $50,000. The loans will be made on a rolling basis from a revolving fund of $500,000. This program has been initiated as part of AAACF’s philanthropic response to the COVID-19 health pandemic and economic crisis and complements AAACF’s grantmaking to support COVID-19 response, relief, and recovery efforts. Since the crisis began in mid-March, AAACF has granted over $470,000 to local nonprofits in support of response and relief efforts and will continue to do so throughout 2020 and beyond.
AAACF Support for our Community

AAACF Support for our Community

AAACF is issuing both Grants and Loans in response to the COVID crisis. As our nonprofits, partners, and community strive to support those in need, we are working with them to support Washtenaw County.
Special Bulletin: Community Emergency Response

Special Bulletin: Community Emergency Response

Here are important messages for individuals and organizations alike as we all focus on taking care of our community during this time of crisis.
Michigan Grantmakers and Catchafire Launch a Statewide Initiative to Democratize Access to Talent

Michigan Grantmakers and Catchafire Launch a Statewide Initiative to Democratize Access to Talent

Nonprofits provide essential services to those who need them most, but resource and capacity constraints continue to threaten the health and sustainability of such organizations. To address these constraints, Michigan Health Endowment Fund (The Health Fund), Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, Washtenaw Coordinated Funders, and Catchafire have come together to roll out “One Michigan”, a statewide initiative aimed at enabling nonprofits to get access to talent in abundance, and in the process, “on-demand” capacity building support.

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